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Toys aren’t just for tots. When it comes to all things stuffed and silly, Ellexa knows the lay of the (candy) land. But it’s not all fun and games—her Toy category packs serious profits and volume. And she’s managing the business behind the scenes every step of the way.


“From the financials to supply chain to the brands you bring in, you own it all.”


Get in Game Mode

It all starts with understanding your target market (in this case, kids!), and maybe a little magic. To look into your crystal ball and predict which toys will be best-sellers this year, you’ll attend trade shows, study last year’s top-performers, and dig into data to detect the winners. Okay, maybe you’ll play with a few of them, too.

Skills You'll Learn

• Market Research

• Trend Analysis

• Industry Benchmarking


Make Your Wish List

So you’ve got a solid hunch which toys will be a hit. Now it’s time to make children’s’ dreams come true. Choose the highest-potential products you’ve identified from your research, forecast future sales using historical data, and work with your team to get exposure for your toys across our sites.

Skills You'll Learn

• Sales Forecasting

• Pricing

• Visual Merchandising


Set the Stage

The toymakers want in on the fun, too. After placing your orders, you’ll partner directly with vendors to help get their toys seen by millions of shoppers. Got the products set up in our system? Check. Secured funds to feature the toys in prominent places? Check. Looks like this holiday’s going to be a successful one for Santa.

Skills You'll Learn

• Purchasing

• Business Development

• Inventory Management


Make Some Magic

What good is a toy if a little boy’s mommy can’t find it while she’s shopping? With the help of you friends on the Marketing team, you’ll choose keywords for SEO, create eye-catching campaigns, and ensure everything is displayed correctly across our sites. It’s sort of like the grown-up version of Jenga.

Skills You'll Learn

• Digital Marketing

• Copywriting

• Reporting


Hit a Home Run

Cue the jingle! As the holiday rush settles down, you’ll realize all your hard work and preparation paid off. The toys you bet big on became top-sellers, and while your competitors sold out, you kept yours in stock. The cherry on the sundae? Your toys put smiles on the faces of thousands of little kids around the world. That’s what we call a win-win-win!

Skills You'll Learn

• Delighting Customers

• Being Awesome

• Crushing It


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