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Meet Cody

Cody’s a Category Specialist who focuses on Home—specifically, Home Media Fireplaces. They’re the fancy entertainment centers with a built-in fireplace. (You know, so you can store your books and set the mood.) Cody knows everything about these consoles—who buys them, what customers love about them, and how to price them just right.


“We’re creating a fresh take on retail…what the next generation is looking for when they’re shopping.”


Route for the Home Team

From day one, you’ll have complete control over your category. Take Home Media Fireplaces, for example: You’ll want to know your target audience, best-sellers, competitors—the ins and outs of the ins and outs. Working across Walmart’s family of brands—including and Hayneedle—you’ll stoke the fire to keep business thriving.

Skills You'll Learn

• Market Research

• Trend Analysis

• Industry Benchmarking


Think Outside the (TV) Box

So you say you’re an expert? Now it’s time to get creative in order to give your customers the options they’re looking for. Boost your top-seller, do a photo shoot for the holiday (bear skin rug required)… or, invent a product that doesn’t even exist yet! Your category, your way. Go big or go…well, you know.

Skills You'll Learn

• Sales Forecasting

• Pricing

• Visual Merchandising


Place Bold Bets

Farmhouse chic? Modern industrial? There’s a Home Media Fireplace for every taste. After working with vendors and negotiating price points, you’ll make strategic bets around what’s going to sell, then keep a close eye to make sure you’re restocked as soon as they fly off the digital shelves.

Skills You'll Learn

• Purchasing

• Business Development

• Inventory Management


Drop Jaws

It takes a village to make a best-seller. Part of the fun is working across teams to capture what customers love about your products—from demoing cool features to running contests for the best reviews. You’ll also write copy and work with video and photo teams to craft compelling product stories that makes your media stands, well, stand out.

Skills You'll Learn

• Digital Marketing

• Copywriting

• Reporting


Bring It Home

There’s nothing quite like watching your baby grow from an idea to a full-blown star on one of the world’s largest shopping platforms. As items from your Home category make their debut, you’ll get a thrill out of tracking their performance and knowing you’ve helped make customers’ homes cozier.

Skills You'll Learn

• Delighting Customers

• Being Awesome

• Crushing It


Sounds awesome, right?
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